Pharmaceutical / Autoclaves Industry

Thermosense manufacture and supply thermocouple and Pt100 sensors which can perform accurately within the demanding conditions such as autoclaves and sterilisers, for use within the Pharmaceutical industry.

As the world of pharmaceuticals advances, there is always one constant: accurate temperature measurement. Thermosense understands the critical aspects of this industry, providing accurate thermocouple and Pt100 sensors to our customers in this field.

Our advanced thermocouple sensors and Pt100s provide precise readings for use in vaccine development and biologics, for use in and around autoclaves and sterilisers. Our range includes autoclave drain and load sensors, however welded tip and hermetically sealed welded tip thermocouples and Pt100s are also used in these applications.

We offer a full service including UK manufacture and calibration within our UKAS accredited laboratory, giving you accurate results and reliable products. Our sensors aid in meeting compliance requirements, ensuring your pharmaceutical storage practices adhere to industry guidelines.