AMS2570F Standard

Thermosense manufacture and supply reliable and precise thermocouple sensors, connectors, cables and harnesses to support the Aerospace industry, calibrated within our UKAS accredited laboratory.

AMS2750F is a standard originally created for the Aerospace industry which meticulously outlines thermal processing and testing requirements. It is crucial in ensuring the accuracy and uniformity used in critical manufacturing processes.

Precise temperature measurement is pivotal for other industries besides Aerospace, such as Automotive and Heat Treatment. This standard covers a wide range of aspects including sensor and instrumentation calibration, System Accuracy Tests (SAT) and Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS). AMS2750F sets the benchmark and comprehensive framework for maintaining the highest levels of quality and reliability. Thermosense offers meticulous calibration in our fully UKAS-certified laboratory, here in the UK. 

Thermosense manufacture in compliance with AMS2750F, complying to the strict guidelines for documentation, testing procedures and materials. By committing to this, Thermosense ensures that the products supplied consistently meet or exceed the specified criteria, providing a level of confidence paramount for applications where temperature control is absolutely critical.