Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas - Thermosense manufacture and supply robust and precise thermocouple sensors and accessories for use within the demanding and arduous Oil & Gas industry.

Thermosense have been manufacturing and supplying temperature sensors and instrumentation suitable for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry for many years. As a leading thermocouple manufacturer, we understand the critical role that temperature measurement has in ensuring the safety, efficiency and longevity of products used in these applications.

Available are a wide range of thermocouple and RTD Pt100 sensors and assemblies, offered in a range of terminations including pot seals with cable, terminal heads and spring loaded terminal blocks. Various accessories include adjustable compression fittings, reels of cable, temperature transmitters and thermowells. The various applications within this industry include:

• Flare stack

• Tank monitoring

• Down hole

• Multipoint sensors

Reliable temperature sensors are required for the arduous atmospheres and challenging environments within the Oil & Gas industry to meet the world's energy demands. Extreme temperatures, corrosive substances and harsh conditions are commonplace. The products that Thermosense supply are designed specifically to withstand the harshest of environments whilst providing high accuracy.