Aerospace Industry

Thermosense manufacture and supply reliable and precise thermocouple sensors, connectors, cables and harnesses to support the Aerospace industry, calibrated within our UKAS accredited laboratory.

Reliability and precision are highly critical in the demanding Aerospace industry. Thermosense have been manufacturing, stocking and supplying products which exceed the demands of various applications within Aerospace for over 15 years. Within our UK-based UKAS accredited laboratory, we provide calibration required to meet AMS2750F, as well as supplying the highest quality thermocouple sensors to meet BAC5621 standards. We are ISO9001 approved, and our laboratory conforms to ISO/IEC 17025.

Type K and N are the most used and popular thermocouple types for Aerospace, but T, J, R & S are also available if required. Through the process of pre-calibrating mineral insulated thermocouple material, Thermosense are well-equipped to provide the highest-accuracy temperature sensors within just a few days, all manufactured within the UK. A wide variety of terminations are available, including thermocouple connectors, soft cable and terminal heads.

As well as the aforementioned BAC5621 compliancy, our manufactured thermocouples are available for use in System Accuracy Tests (SAT), Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS), Control Recording, Monitoring and Load Sensors. We supply temperature sensors for use in the production of extruded products and composites (both expendable and non-expendable), as well as:

• Autoclaves

• Landing systems

• Vacuum and atmospheric furnaces, used in heat treatment of component parts

Thermosense manufactures cable harnesses and looms alongside temperature sensors, which are commonly used in the production and testing of air and rotorcraft. A combination of thermocouple connectors can be attached to any length of cable required, with the total number of connections specified by you.