Hermetically Sealed RTD (Pt100/Pt1000) Sensors

Product Code: PHS

The PHS Hermetically sealed sensors offer a simple, easy to use solution for applications where the sensing junction needs to be protected from electrical interference or protected from moisture/liquids.

As standard the sensors are tested for electrical insulation at 1.0Kv. On request the sensors can be tested at higher voltages.

The PFA is temperature rated -100…+260ºC making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The insulation is easily cleaned and suitable for sterilisation.

The sensors are available as a 3-wire configuration and can be supplied with standard tails or miniature RTD plug terminations.

2 and 4-wire configurations are also available - contact sales for further information.

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    • Hermetically Sealed Tip – simple & easy to use
    • Pt100 or Pt1000 as standard (other elements available)
    • 3-wire configuration (2 and 4-wire also available)
    • Suitable for insertion into liquids, including oil
    • PFA Insulation, Oil & Chemical Resistant
    • Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -100…+260ºC
    • Electrically Insulated tip, 1.0Kv (can be tested at higher voltages)
    • Flexible 7/0.2mm diameter 24 AWG conductor
    • Available with standard tails or miniature RTD plug terminations
  • Item Code
    Sensor Type Hermetically Sealed RTD (Pt100) Sensor PHS
    Hermetically Sealed RTD (Pt100) SensorHermetically Sealed RTD (Pt100) SensorHermetically Sealed RTD (Pt1000) Sensor PHSK
    Wiring Configuration 2-wire 2
    3-wire 3
    4-wire 4
    Grade of Element B (Accuracy: ±0.30°C at 0°C, ±0.80°C at 100°C) B
    A (Accuracy: ±0.15°C at 0°C, ±0.35°C at 100°C) A
    Cable Length (mm) As required to suit your application (5000mm max) e.g. 2000
    Optional Cable Termination
    (supplied as standard with tails)
    Miniature 2-pin RTD Plug (2-wire) FMP
    Miniature 3-pin RTD Plug (3-wire) FMPT
    Miniature 4-pin (Duplex) RTD Plug (4-wire) FMPD


    Order Code (example): PHS-3-B-2000-FMPT

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