Low Cost Programmable Digital Thermostat

Product Code: STP

The compact STP digital controller is an easy-to-use, low-cost thermostat which can accept Type K and J Thermocouples, 2 or 3 wire RTD sensors and 4~20mA inputs.

Suitable for heating and cooling applications.

A cost-effective solution for simple control and monitoring applications.

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    • Universal inputs (Thermocouple, Pt100, 4~20mA)
    • Bright LED display
    • Compact size (75mm x 33mm x 70mm)
    • Basic on/off control with programmable hysteresis
    • Simple to use, easy to configure
  • Technical Details
    Input(s) Thermocouple Type K, J (-30°C to +999°C)
    2 or 3 wire Pt100 (-199°C to +654°C)
    4~20mA (-199 to +999) (requires a 250 ohm resistor fitted between input terminals)
    Display 3-digit LED
    Control Method On / Off
    Control Output Relay (15A/250V) or Solid State Relay
    Alarm Output Relay (3A/250V)
    Accuracy 0.5% FS
    Sampling Time 0.5 seconds
    Working Environment 0 to +50°C, less than 80% RH (non-condensing)
    Power Supply 110~240 V AC or 21~30 V AC/DC
    Dimensions 75mm (W) x 33mm (H) x 70mm (D)
    Mounting / Cutout Dimensions Panel-mounted with drilling template 71mm x 29mm
  • Control Output Alarm Output Power Supply Order Code
    Relay (15A/250V) - 110/240 V AC STP321
    Relay (15A/250V) One Relay Alarm (3A/250V) 110/240 V AC STP322
    Solid State Relay - 110/240 V AC STP321S
    Solid State Relay One Relay Alarm (3A/250V) 110/240 V AC STP322S
    Relay (15A/250V) - 21-30 V AC/DC STP321A
    Relay (15A/250V) One Relay Alarm (3A/250V) 21-30 V AC/DC STP322A
    Solid State Relay - 21-30 V AC/DC STP321SA
    Solid State Relay One Relay Alarm (3A/250V) 21-30 V AC/DC STP322SA
  • No software available